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Starring Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman
Screenplay by Richard Russo and Robert Benton
Directed by Robert Benton
Website: www.twilightmovie.com

IN SHORT:  A solid detective flick. For Grownups.

An irreversible fact of life is that we all get old and die. If things go well, we may find love; we may find a good career and friends. We may settle all the crap that we laid down when we were young. Or we may find that, sometimes, the crap comes back to bite us on the ass.

Such is the case in Twilight, a movie that will bore non- grownups to death. [Let's be honest, people. There's not a teenage kidlet that Cranky knows who would sit still for even this kind of star power acting tour de force, despite the names above the title]. For the rest of us, Twilight is a detective story with characters more human than action figure and with enough bullets flying and characters dropping dead to keep us happy until the closing credits.

At the center of it all is Harry Ross (Paul Newman), an on-the- wagon ex-cop and ex-private eye who is, in comparison to his best friend, a failure. Jack Ames (Gene Hackman), the aforementioned friend is dying of cancer. His wife, Catherine (Susan Sarandon) is pissed off 'cuz Jack won't do the chemo that could save his life, and Harry's presence in the house is a constant sexual temptation. There's another story behind that, but it's much too colorful to give away.

Jack asks Harry to do him a favor and deliver "a package." When he does so, Harry gets shot at and arrested in connection with the murder of an ex-detective who investigated the disappearance of Catherine's first husband, 20 years earlier.

More than a tale of blackmail and murder (and it's well written enough that even if you think you know whodunnit, you won't be sure until the very end) Twilight touches on the meaning of friendship, the temptation of the flesh, the meaninglessness of possessions and the meaning of love. It delivers fine, subtle performances by Newman as the dick who thinks first and shoots only when he has to; Sarandon as the wife who thinks only of her husband; and Hackman as the surly producer who's bought his way out of every other problem he's faced.

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Eight Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to Twilight, he would have paid . . .


Kidlets would say that Twilight is merely a bunch of old actors talking through a story to the solution. Cranky says Actors this good could read the ingredients on a soup can and make it interesting. The script for Twilight is more than soup. It's a simple mystery colored by some bawdy humor. It features real relationships amongst people facing the ultimate end and it is a flick that will keep you talking and thinking after you leave the theater.
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