rocky: well at least he doesnt die

inside man: ultimately a story of [exposing a banker who collaborated with nazis and got his start off jewish bood money - to start his first bank] is unvocered when the perfect bank robgbery, in w hich nothing at all is taken (on t he survace) gets the attentin of a new york city detective (denzel). jodie foster is the fixer for the bank -- someone of t hat fictional level of class that cntrols the world (just like the jews used to ... so to speak). a good sit but once you sit and try to figure out t he HDTK factor apart.

the will smith thing PURSUIT of happyness: a door to door salesman who has no luck but loves his 5 year old boy is abandonedby his wife and takes an internship at a financial company -- six months no pay -- and wind up working two jobs outof homeless shelters and church sleep facilities. [ultimately he becomes a millionaire] thanks to a lot of good luck, social skills. a real feel good movie if I hadn't been living in hell for 18 years.

HOLIIDAY all chick flick comedy t hough great cast for guys (unbearable sit).