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stuck on you
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Stuck on You

Starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Eva Mendes, Meryl Streep and Cher
Written and Directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly

IN SHORT: Average Farrelly. [Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, and some language. 105 minutes]

When the Farrelly Brothers push the limits of acceptable (meaning in good taste) humor way beyond any limit to what good taste means, they have usually turned the tables on what we usually considered tacky into something very funny. Choosing to center their latest creation around a pair of conjoined twins probably looked great on paper. In reality the choice just isn't tacky enough to generate piss your pants giggles. When it is funny, which is occasionally, the laughs are fairly good. But occasional funny just isn't consistently funny enough for us to lay down a ten spot. Stuck on You is a film which gets more chuckles out of the appearances by A-list stars -- think Bonnie and Clyde, the Musical, starring Meryl Streep -- than anything else, at least for us.

Then again, maybe getting Meryl Streep into a Farrelly brothers movie is all the point the movie needs. If that's not enough, the Brothers landed Cher and indie name Griffin Dunne as well. Throw enough star power and Farrelly jokes at an audience and something will stick. We're intentionally leaving out a couple of even bigger A-list cameos , as in "big" with a capital B, 'cuz the working jokes are so few we'll probably strip mine the flick by the time we reach the last sentence.

Let's be honest folks. There's only so far anyone can go when the main characters are hobbled by the physical predicament commonly called "Siamese Twins". That supports one joke, already blown in the trailer and commercials, that could be run into the ground if the brothers were total morons, which they are not. The pair are joined at the liver, a condition that is correctable though one that is not without risks. That also means anyone in the viewing audience knows where the film has got to go to dredge more gags out of the boundaries free mind of the Farrelly Brothers.

Before we get to the left coast we begin on the East, where brothers Walt and Bob Tenor (Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon) sling hash and work the grill in their self-owned burger joint. You could miss the joint but you can't miss the brothers, conjoined twins who don't look anything like each other. Of course, if you don't eat at grease joints like the Quickee Burger, you could catch would be thespian Walt on stage, performing the one man show Tru. Kinnear does a pretty good Truman Capote, by the way, even with the extra hundred and fifty pounds doing his best to be inconspicuous. Walt is serious about the acting thing and manages to convince his brother to pack up and move to Hollywood, to pursue at least one of their dreams.

In LA the pair manage not only to nab gorgeous girlfriends -- proving that anything is possible in LaLaLand -- Walt defeats all odds and lands a television show, co-starring with the ever enthusiastic, pro-minority hiring superstar Cher (click for StarTalk). Well, no, Cher behaves like an absolute Hollywood ass, which leaves her available for that screen writing necessity called redemption. As for the concept of hiring one half of a pair of brothers to star in a teevee sitcom? Give the brothers props. The gag works because everyone in this story is completely oblivious to the obvious.

And, yet again, we admit that we had no great interest in anything the Brothers put on the plate. And, yet again, we admit that they get some good laughs from the project. That being written, looking at Stuck On You against their other projects, Stuck on You is a lesser comedy.

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Ten Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to Stuck On You, he would have paid . . .



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