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Comics Continuity: Mortimer Toynbee, lackey of Magneto, all his power is in his lower half. Mostly used as comic relief or to demonstrate Magneto's brutality -- Toad always on the receiving end. The character was never more than a weak joke. (1:UXM 4, Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby) but in the Film continuity:Not only can he climb walls, Toad sports a twelve foot long tongue and spits a liquid that hardens on whatever it touches. If it covers your face, you suffocate. Rather than being comic relief, this Toad is a mean, nasty character who takes great pride in his ability to jump twenty feet in the air . . . and take out our heroes by landing on their heads. It's all perfectly suited for the actor who first came to fame as Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace.

Ray Park: When I was a kid I always wanted to do the superhuman stuff, so I'm doing it now. I'm having fun with it. I always wanted to move objects, and switch lights on, with my mind. I didn't know about Toad when I met Bryan. I knew about X-Men, as in the cartoon, 'cuz I used to watch the cartoon a lot. I wanted to find out more but I don't think Bryan wanted that. There wasn't a lot there for Toad, not a lot to expand on and create in the movie for Toad.


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