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Comics Continuity: The relationship between Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth, and the X-Man named Logan is a long and twisted one. At one point the two were paired as part of an undercover CIA team, thus the code name "Sabretooth". After a mission in Berlin, the men became mortal enemies. A professional assassin, among his most heinous crimes is participation in the Mutant Massacre of the hundreds of residents of the underground Morlock community. Though it was long hinted in the continuity that he was the father of Wolverine, Creed is not. With Mystique, he is the father of human Senator Graydon Creed (assassinated XFAC 130). Sabretooth tops seven feet tall, has claw-like hands and a berserker attack style. He has killed those close to Wolverine and has a habit of showing up to fight on Logan's birthday. Temporarily, he had "possession" of Wolverine's adamantium, which was removed and reaffixed to Logan by the villain Apocalypse. (1:Iron Fist 14, John Byrne). In the Film continuity: He's large. He has clawlike hands, a berserker personality and roars like a lion. Likes to hear the frails (women) scream and has no previous history with Wolverine. There is no relationship with Mystique in the film though, as Tom DeSanto tells us, "a lot of that stuff is open to interpretation. That's some of the stuff that we can explore further in future films."

Tyler Mane: I spent 11 years as a professional wrestler. I played the bad guy so I took that mentality and looked at the comic books. Each mutant has different ways of dealing with situations and obstacles. It just happens that the Brotherhood deals with it (our) way and the X-men deal with it with a more subtle approach than we do. I saw some of the actions that Sabretooth would do and just transferred my wrestling background to Sabretooth's actions. It came quite naturally.


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