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jean greyJean Grey

Comics Continuity: Jean's history is intricately tied to that of Scott Summers, detailed here. Initially code named Marvel Girl, Jean Grey possessed telekinetic and suppressed telepathic powers, later enhanced by Xavier's own. Though she "died" in UXM 99, the power of Phoenix resurrected her (which led to her moral corruption, the emergence of an evil Dark Phoenix personality, the murder of a planet and suicide). As with most of the Marvel Universe, she "got better". The widow of Scott Summers, despite all evidence to the contrary, does not believe that her husband is dead. In an alternate timeline, they have a daughter named Rachel, currently using the "Phoenix" appelation. (1:Uncanny X-Men 1, Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby). Film continuity: A Genetic scientist, with notable research work in the study of mutants (lifted from the character Hank McCoy, the X-Man "Beast" who was in the early drafts and didn't make the final cut), Jean manifests telekinetic power -- the ability to move objects with her mind [and limited telepathic abilities]. She is engaged to Scott Summers.

Tom DeSanto: At the beginning of her character she wasn't the most powerful person but she was growing and she was constantly evolving. She's the firebrand. She's the one who's going to give Wolverine sh*t .

But she's not Phoenix.
Tom DeSanto: You always have to approach the character from a human aspect. It's not always about the bigger action sequence and the punch. It's about the characters and staying true to the philosophy of this world.

Famke Janssen: The interesting thing about Jean Grey is that she goes through different transformations. She turns into Dark Phoenix at some point which, of course, we didn't even touch on in this film. The times that we foreshadowed some things or tried to; the sense of what Professor Xavier teaches at the school is that you have to be in control of your power. That's a very imortant thing because a lot of things can go wrong. That's one of the things that Jean Grey is not that good at, yet. It's one of the things that will eventually turn her into Dark Phoenix.


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