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The Twisted History of Scott Summers

Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers had two sons, Scott and li'l brother Alex. Christopher was a pilot and, when engine trouble made the crash of his small plane a certain, Dad pushed Scott and Alex out of the plane with the one parachute on board. The parachute malfunctioned and Scott's optic blasts manifested themselves for the first time, slowing their descent and saving their lives. A head injury at the impact is acknowledged as the reason Cyclops cannot control his optic blasts. His powers remained dormant until puberty. When they re-emerged, a Mr. Winters (who supervised the Nebraska orphanage where Scott lived, after Alex had been adopted) discovered that ruby quartz could contain the blast, and he fashioned Scott's first set of glasses. [there's conflicting continuity about that, too]

Except that Major Christopher Summers and his wife weren't dead. They never had engine damage to their plane. They were attacked by an alien Shi'Ar spacecraft and taken hostage and tortured for years (UXM156). Mrs. Summers was taken as slave girl to the evil Emperor D'Ken and died under his tender tortures, in front of her husband's eyes. Major Summers escaped captivity and, with fellow renegades formed the intergalactic famous roving band of freedom fighting mercenaries called Starjammers. (1:UXM107)

And that Mr. Winters at the Orphanage? His real name is Nathaniel Essex who, essentially, sold himself into the service of a 3000 year old Egyptian master mutant manipulator calling himself Apocalypse; this in the late nineteenth century, in exchange for immortality. Sinister was the first of the modern genetic researchers and his eyes fell upon the Summers family (due to a rift in time, it was Scott and Jean who sparked his interest in The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix). Sinister arranged for the placement of the boys in the orphanage. He arranged for Alex to be adopted and Scott left behind. He took genetic samples all along the line and began experiments with cloning these samples into living beings. One of these clones, well, it's kind of twisted . . .

Xavier rescued Scott from Winters. Summers became the first X-Man (though Jean Grey was the first approached). Skinny and shy, he kept his feelings for the lovely Ms. Grey hidden, as the fabulously wealthy Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, was the "obvious" catch. Problem was, Jean only had eyes for Scott, and could never say anything. cyclops in glassesAll the other students mooned over Jean and, as revealed 30 years of continuity later, so did Professor Xavier. Prof X repressed those thoughts, and the consequences would destroy most of the superhero world under a telekinetic Onslaught. But that's a different story. Jean Grey was consumed by cosmic radiation while saving the X-Men (UXM 99) and died.

She got better an issue later, "resurrecting" herself as Phoenix, in reality a cosmic entity who took Jean's place and put her body into stasis. The Phoenix Entity could not be contained by a frail human form, and while the X-Men believed their teammate to have been corrupted by the newfound powers, the "Dark Phoenix" took to the spaceways and started destroying planets. The Shi'ar, Kree and Skrull condemned her to death and while the X-Men battled in the "blue area" of the moon to save Jean, it was ultimately her decision to sacrifice herself (UXM 137). This time her death, on September 1, 1980, was for real . . .

. . . well, that was the idea. Scott would eventually marry Madeline Pryor, a dead ringer for Jean, and they would have a son, Nathan Christopher. Writer Chris Claremont's plan was to move the book's continuity into "real time" (thus, 9/1/80); for Scott to leave the team to raise his family, to allow for the natural growth and movement of characters in and out of the book, in keeping with the "school" metaphor. But the X-Men line had become incredibly popular and Marvel wanted a third x-book (we've skipped the intro of the New Mutants). X-Factor featured the original X-Men, which meant the introduction of all that Phoenix entity stuff to the continuity, as the "real" Jean returned to the world fully healed. Scott left Madeline to join the team and she, rightfully pissed off, did a deal with the demon Nastir'h and became the Goblin Queen. In a massive crossover called "Inferno," most of the loose ends were fixed and Madeline died. Baby Nathan would be infected with a techno-virus and removed to a future timeline to be raised (by Scott and Jean in a retroactive piece of continuity called The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix). When all was said and done, Madeline's resemblance to Jean was no coincidence. Pryor was the result of one of Sinister's experiments, a clone of Jean Grey.

In an alternate timeline, Scott and Jean had a daughter named Rachel. In current continuity, we learn that Apocalypse didn't get to be 3000 years old with just one body. When it came time to take a new one, he chose the grown up Nathan (back in our time code named Cable, who believed his destiny was to destroy Apocalypse). Scott Summers sacrificed himself and Apocalypse now wears his body. There is no "psychic residue" of Summers that can be detected. All save Jean believe him to be dead.


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