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Road Trip

Rated [R], 97 minutes
Starring Tom Green, Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart
Paulo Costanzo, Seann William Scott, DJ Qualls, Rachel Blanchard
Screenplay by Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong
Directed by Todd Phillips

IN SHORT: Very funny if you're twenty

From the time they were five, Josh (Breckin Meyer) and Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard) swore undying love. Then college came and they were separated by 1800 long and lonely miles, he in New York, she in Texas, and one burning hot telephone line. One day, Tiffany stopped returning calls and, having aggravated her roommate to death, Josh is told that she didn't come home the night before. Crushed, Josh falls into the arms of the very hot for him Beth (Amy Smart) -- actually, he buys her for twenty six dollars, but that's a whole 'nother story -- and being the 90s kind of guy that he is, gets the entire sordid encounter on videotape. Beth's idea, for that matter.

It wasn't Josh's idea to send the tape to Tiffany, but that's what happens and that's what kicks Road Trip into motion. Sure, it's one boner joke after another with a couple of doobie gags, fat jokes and toe sucking tossed in to break the monotony of nubile young ladies parading about starkers on the big screen . . .

Yep, another teenflick. Not as politically incorrect as a Farrelly Brothers flick. Not as flat out below the belt disgustingly funny as American Pie, Road Trip nonetheless is consistently funny -- moreso if you've never seen anything like it before. I have, God knows over the last twenty years I've seen more than my share, but I can honestly report that there was a consistent grin plastered to my face. Road Trip didn't crack the cranky crust as American Pie did, but it was not unamusing to this fossil.

The story is narrated by campus tour guide Barry (Tom Green), who's made a full time career out of college life (he's eight years in to his four year undergrad program). While leading a campus tour, Barry spins his tale of sex, sex, dope, a snake and a mouse, to the disbelieving ears of the freshmen to be and their folks. Quite honestly, there's nothing more to tell you about the story without giving the jokes away. What I will say is that everything you may have thought about what Tom Green does to the mouse (as hinted in the previews and teevee spots) is nothing compared to how sick his character is. It's the one performance that kept Road Trip interesting for this old fart of a reviewer.

Well, that and Rachel Blanchard with red hair. Someone stuff me in a freezer until she's my age . . .

On average, a first run movie ticket will run you Eight Bucks. Were Cranky able to set his own price to Road Trip, he would have paid...


'cuz the youth are gonna go and they're gonna take dates. If I was still tokin' Road Trip would be a three buck rental.

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