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Pokemon The Movie 2000:
The Power of One

Voiced by Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Addie Blaustein, Ted Lewis, and Ikue Otani as Pikachu
Screenplay by Norman Grossfeld and Michael Haigney
Adapted from a screenplay by Takeshi Shudo
Based on characters created by Satoshi Tajiri
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Michael Haigney

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IN SHORT: For grownups: Huh? For single digit kidlets: Yea! [Rated G]

Pokemon: The Movie 2000: The Power of One is, unfortunately just as incomprehensible to those of us into double digit age groups as last year's Pokemon: The Movie was. Best I can figure of this year's story, the main human is still the ever popular Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum, who is different from most trainers in that he doesn't keep his prized Pokemon, Pikachu, locked up in a Pokemon ball. Ash, Pikachu and Ash's best friend Misty have been blown off course in their sailboat to the Orange Islands, where the Pokemon SloKing tells them of the nefarious plot by a mysterious man called The Collector. (SloKing is how my younger reviewer named the Pokemon, though I can't find the name on the official list. Corrections, anyone?)

Yeah, like I understand any of this. But my seven year old nephew, Jeffrey, hereafter called KID CRANKY does, and he explains it thusly . . .

There was a mysterious man called The Collector. He started his collection with the ancient Mu card. He used shapes to catch the three mystical flying Pokemon called Articuno (he has ice powers), Zapdos (lightning) and Moltres (fire). By catching these three they form Lugia, the most powerful Pokemon of them all. In the movie, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu and girl friend Misty (not his girlfriend but a girl and a friend, OK?) they get to the orange islands from a boat but they were blown off course. What they find there are all the Pokemon who have come from all over the world just in case they were needed because they knew something big was happening to Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. SloKing told Ash that he was The Chosen One to get the ancient treasures off the islands and free the three Pokemon that the collector had captured. Lugia told Ash the same thing and then helped him get the third treasure. Team Rocket helped Ash save the day, and they were pretty pleased that they were good guys, for a change. After Ash saved the day, Lugia took Ash and Pikachu on a ride on his back high in the air and after that the orange islands became all beautiful with flowers and stuff.

In the beginning, there is a little cartoon called Pikachu's Rescue Adventure. The big Pokemon Snorlax helps save all the Pokemon from a bad wind and rain.

You should know that, halfway through the feature, Cranky leaned over to the cop in the adjoining seat who had brought her children to the screening, and asked "Do you have the slightest idea what is going on here?" She laughed and said "Nope." As it was with Pokemon 1999, so it is with Pokemon 2000.

The final word comes from Kid Cranky, who pretty well sums up this movie: "I liked the first one better." We wonder if it is because, a year later, the thrill of Pokemon is starting to wear off. All things that kidlets crave seem to last about two years. It started with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it will be something else next year. Right now it's Pokemon and, since the parental units will be rolling their eyes and lugging their kidlets because that's what good parental units do, there is no "rating" attached to the bottom of this page. It would do no good. Having sat through both Pokemon movies, I found Pokemon 2000 to be, in terms of teaching things like values, a better flick.

That's based on what little I could follow. Which wasn't much.

Still, it's a good thing to see the excitement in a nephew's eyes when he knows his uncle can get him to see the bestest movies before all his friends. Guess it's one of the percs of this gig. <g>

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